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Dental Tourism

Why choose to have dental treatment at TriDent Budapest, Hungary?

We are sure that you would like to receive an elite level of dentistry without becoming broke doing it. That is why we are suggesting that you should come to TriDent Budapest Cosmetic and Family Dentistry for certain dental treatments.

At first it may seem a little complicated or uncomfortable to travel for dental care but hundreds of British, Irish and north American clients do so every year; they are fully satisfied with the services and they save not only a considerable amount of money, but a lot of time and energy, too.. In the UK a complex treatment may cost £ 6-10.000 and in Hungary you can have the same treatment for third of the price. TriDent prices

An average dental tourist saving around £ 2.500 (around € 3.400) based on making 2 implants, 8 porcelain crowns, 10 fillings (composite restaurations), 1 panoramic x-ray, 4 intraoral x-rays, visiting TriDent Budapest 3 times.

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Getting an appointment to the dentist in the UK might take weeks or even months. Often, a couple of weeks can pass between your first consultation and the first treatment, and even simplier treatments can last for 6-12 months. You may choose TriDent Budapest instead of waiting so long for the incredibly expensive domestic dental care.

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Budapest has recently became one of the major targets of Dental Tourism. After Hungary joined the European Union (EU) in 2004, low- cost airlines (such as Wizz Air) are now flying to Budapest. One of the effects that the EU has done on Hungary, is that it has increased the number of individuals and families from within the EU have ventured into the low-cost high quality dental work that Hungary and TrDent Budapest Cosmetic & Family Dentistry provides.

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In Hungary you can find highly educated dental experts with significant professional experience working on a relatively small and competitive domestic market. The crowns, bridges, implants, whitening and dental prosthesis’s are made of the same materials that are used in Western Europe , USA or Canada , and also with the same equipment (meeting the EU quality standards). Together with the dental treatment, travel, and accommodation you can expect for your treatment to cost you much less: in average 40-60% –in some cases up to 80%- than it would cost in Western Europe, USA or Canada. An average dental tourist saving around £1500 (around € 2.000) based on making 2 implants and 8 porcelain crowns, visiting TriDent Budapest 3 times.

There are a few dental practices working in Hungary –such as TriDent Budapest Cosmetic & Family Dentistry- that are regularly treating patients from all over the world including the European Union -by EU standards. Besides their fluent language skills, they can also help you in finding the proper accommodations and leisure activities to make your “dental holiday” perfect.

Combine your recreation with affordable dental treatment! Choose Hungary, choose TriDent Budapest Cosmetic & Family Dentistry!

Remember that you can choose TriDent INTRO Package:

TriDent INTRO Package

    • TriDent prices GBP (£)
    • TriDent prices Euro (€)
    • TriDent prices USD ($)
    • You SAVE in average*

    • 98

    • 143

    • 179

    • 80%


When you arrive at Budapest Airport, our colleague will welcome you and take you from the airport to your hotel or to TriDent Budapest Cosmetic&Family Dentistry (in case you have booked via TriDent). Or you can use Zona taxi (fix rates), and the transfer fee will be deducted from the treatment price.

After arriving you can ask for a (prepaid with £ 10) HUNGARIAN MOBILE PHONE FOR FREE for calling our office and transfer while you are staying!


We offer various interesting sightseeing tours by Cityrama.

Tailor made sightseeing in Budapest:


Quality, moderate price apartments in Budapest are available through TriDent Budapest Cosmetic&Family Dentistry.
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If you come to TriDent Budapest Cosmetic&Family Dentistry for dental treatment for at least 2 nights, you can find really nice apartments at the best cost-benefit rate. The apartments are situated in the center of Budapest, and are completely furnished&equipped, the sheets and towels are included.

For best offer, please contact us!

Highly recommended *** Hotel with TriDent corporate prices (10% lower than the hotel pricelist):

Hotel Karin ***

H-1047 Budapest, Fóti str. 75.
Phone/Fax: 36 1 3704731
36 1 2310146, 36 1 2310147

Booking by mail:
by online via,
please mention that you are TriDent client and ask for our special corporate prices!

5 minutes fromTriDent:

  1. – Single room, with breakfast /night: 44.- Euro (incl. tax)
  2. – Double room, with breakfast /night: 56.- Euro (incl. tax)
  3. – Room for 3 persons with breakfast /night: 64.- Euro (incl. tax)

The special prices above are only for TriDent patients!

The price of the room includes: Breakfast, Television 60 channels, Air conditioning, Guarded parking, VAT and tourism tax, free WiFi

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